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Delicate and Charming creations blended to create the

Ultimate Masterpiece

Sushi crafted utilizing the simplest of techniques while still maintaining
the power of each ingredient.

Large grained rice, finished with a touch of red vinegar and salt serves as the bed for Sushi at Tsubomi

Precise calculations have been made to ensure that this “Sushi Rice” stays at
the optimal temperature

Our Sushi will be known the world over. Guided by the happiness it brings to everyone.

The freshness of the fish can be experienced to it’s fullest, neatly prepared with no additional seasoning.


Our fish is served from the same source as the famous “Sushi Saito”.

In order to provide the absolute best and most original flavor, our fish are obtained every morning from the world famous Tsukiji Fish Market in Ginza, fresh, in order to provide our customers the best, and are prepared quickly to lock in this superior flavor.

To coincide with the change of the seasons, we customize the moisture of our large grain “Sushi rice” and prepare it to coincide with the arrival time of our customers.

Our “Sushi rice” is prepared with just red vinegar and salt. By customizing the temperature of the rice, we are able to ensure the maximum amount of deliciousness.

The definity of our sushi pairs well with sake or fine wine

The sushi at Sushi Tsubomi is simple and beautiful. It allows for each fish to deliver it’s best and purest flavor.

Our fish is cut large in order to ensure that it covers the “Sushi Rice,” and encapsulates each plate with the unity of its components.

Because our sushi has very defined flavor, it pairs wonderfully with sake or fine wine.

You are able to enjoy it to your liking paired with our drink menu.

Shop Master


Born in the fisherman town of Naoetsu, Niigata in 1975.

Growing up, Makoto’s father was a fish wholesaler which allowed him to master and develop his now superior skills and knowledge of fish and sushi preparation.

Upon graduating from high school, he started his journey learning the art of sushi from kaiseki restaurants “Sushida” and “Asahi Sushi”. After this, Makoto knocked on the gates of “Sushi Saito” and was honored with the position of deputy chef at “Taka by Sushi Saito” in Malaysia.

Starting in June 2018, Makoto became the head chef at “Sushi Tsubomi”

He lives by the motto “Try what you dislike”.

Engrained in his mind, Makoto vows to always challenge himself with things which others would say are not possible.

“A quiet 10 seat restaurant located in Naka Meguro”

As you pass through the white curtains, you’re greeted by a space filled with solid wood, and a pine bonsai gracefully placed in a tsubo yard.

Produced by Takashi Saito of “Sushi Saito”

The highest quality sushi experience is crafted in everyway, from the restaurant layout to how each ingredient and equipment is selected.

Tokyo-To, Meguro-Ku, Higashi Yama 1-21-26 QG Higashi Yama Building 1F
Tel 03-6451-0903
Dinner Reservations 18:00~/20:30~